Fake followers

About a month ago I started an experiment with Instagram. Ultimately the goal is to gain more followers and build up a network of people who like and enjoy the pictures I take. I take decent photos so I didn’t think that it would be a horribly unrealistic goal.

Sadly I have only managed to gain about forty followers since I started. The annoying thing is that people will follow me and then unfollow me if I don’t follow them back. I tried the follow back game on Twitter and ended up with a feed filled with crazies and stuff I didn’t care about. After purging my follow list I lost a lot of those followers. Instead I have followers who care about the stuff I post and what I have to say. (Or at least that is the hope.) That’s what I want for Instagram real followers who like my photography, not a bunch of people trying to look important and play a game.

Sadly I don’t think I am about to become an Instagram famous photographer who gets paid to post pics of products. It’s a nice dream but not in the cards for me. In the meantime I’ve stopped looking at my followers. It’s a little soul crushing when forty people unfollow you in day. You start out excited and think I have so many followers. Then you go back and are like when will I have real friends who aren’t trying to use me? It gets tedious having to block spam commenters.

There are some real followers out there and I appreciate each and every one of them. These are the real folk. You can interact with them and it’s great to get my photos out there. I’ve decided that quality, not quantity is the way to go.

On the bright side changes are a foot at Instagram. They will make it easier to schedule content making it much less effort to put stuff on Instagram.


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