Scotland guidebooks

I’ve been reading through my Scotland and Edinburgh guidebooks. Lonely Planet also makes a highlands/islands guidebook but I think two is more than enough for my needs. Besides I can only bring so much stuff with me and I’m basically maxed out as it is.

In the Edinburgh guidebook I’ve highlighted things I want to do. I’m older and have a lot more life experience than I did when I moved to Copenhagen. This time around I’m going to get out and do as much as possible. My sister is one of those busy people who does an astounding amount of stuff and I try to learn from her. Yes, I love the time I spend sitting at home and get a lot done when I do but I also want to see as much as possible.

There are things I could’ve seen in Copenhagen that I didn’t. I also get a lot more time. A year (and maybe more if I want to stay) is a lot longer than four months. In four months you can figure stuff out. Then you have to leave right when you’re settling in. It wasn’t long enough. A year is a good amount of time. I realize that I will have to study from time to time but I do want to get the most out of the city. I’m a lot better of a photographer than I was in Copenhagen and want to take as many pictures as I can. All of the city museums are free. I want to make time to wander the streets and get to know little nooks and crannies.

I also want to travel in Scotland, which based on the guidebook you could spend years doing. I will never have enough time. There are high priority things that I really want to do and I’ll just have to make time for those. Otherwise I’ll try and fit in hikes and trips when I can.

T in the Park is allegedly in July so I don’t have to worry about conflicts with exams if that is true. I was also reading about Aberdeen, another uni I thought about. It’s in an oil town so I’m glad I didn’t go with that. The farther I can get from an oil dependent economy the better. I hope to visit but think it’d be too much like Calgary. The point of doing this is to go somewhere different. Or to go somewhere that’s like the other two places that I’ve specifically selected to move to (Copenhagen and Vancouver).

It’s fun to read and know that there are so many options of what to do. I think I’ll do some island hoping and highland galavanting during the break between second semester and exams. Otherwise I am creating a wishlist. I will see how much I can fit in alongside those classes that will take up some of my time.

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