Hot stuff

I bought a Siracha t-shirt a few years ago for a Halloween costume. It was the solution to the endless costume dilemma. You want something cool, cheap and that you can use again later.

I fashioned a hat out of green poster board and wore it around. People slipped candy in the opening over the course of the night. The t-shirt could be obtained at Urban Outfitters. It fit well and I liked how comfy it felt. Afterwards I recycled the hat and kept wearing the shirt.

Every time I wear it I get compliments or remarks. One time while waiting for some bubble tea I had ordered the daughter working there told me that her mother liked it. She was translating and we talked. I told her where she could get one. Other times random people on the street will snap off a quick comment while they pass or say nice shirt.

The friend I was hanging out with before writing this said he liked the shirt when we met up. Later a guy complimented it. My friend asked if I was getting hit on and I was like no it’s just the shirt. For some reason everybody loves this shirt.


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