Traffic in Banff and obesity on the noon hour news

My mother is a fan of listening to CBC in the car. I’d rather listen to music but news has its moments. Both are better than the eyrie silence that fills the car of someone who doesn’t have the radio on.

Yesterday there were two interesting stories on the radio while we drove to get lunch. They are in my opinion very much related. The first was about heavy vehicle traffic and congestion in Banff. The mayor there has been trying to encourage walking, cycling and transit. They’ve increased the frequency of bus services and asking people to walk, bike or take transit.

She also mentioned that she’d love to see passenger rail in the area. My heart flutters with joy whenever someone in power mentions that. As crazy as it seems in our car culture it would be easy to do a regional train between Calgary and Jasper with stops in Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. Almost all of those trips to Banff originate from somewhere in that area. Many come from Calgary in the form of visitors and locals. The train would have an enormous customer base both in local residents and tourists. One day they’ll make some smart choices and build it.

The next story was about obesity in Alberta. We’re over the national average. Perhaps if we spent less time driving and more time walking and taking active transportation we’d have a lower obesity rate. Maybe I’m just crazy.


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