Can has visa

I have officially received my visa. It has been printed out and is being returned to me, hopefully with all of my pretty pretty documents that are irreplaceable (they are exactly like Beyonce). It will appear in my mailbox in a DHL package sometime over the next few days.

I was excited to get the email telling me it had gone through but expected to get my visa. I doubt that many Canadians get rejected. It’s more that getting approved is a relief because if something went wrong it would be painful and expensive.

I also registered today. The whole matriculation thing seems confusing and not very straightforward. Luckily I don’t have to register for any classes because I’m in a block with everyone in my program. We’ll just be given schedules — and hopefully no classes before 10 am. I’m not really sure at what point in time I become fully and completely registered or matriculated. It seems like that doesn’t fully happen until I arrive in Edinburgh. I just keep ticking off boxes and hoping I don’t miss any important emails.

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