Some things I’m thinking of doing next year

As the summer ends and my move to Scotland becomes closer and closer I am thinking about some of the things I want to do. Both in terms of travel and daily/weekly goals. Things I’ve wanted to experience is definitely up there.

Two that I’ve researched so far that are somewhat expensive but probably worth it are:

1) Going to Newcastle and/or Liverpool for a Premier League game

I love soccer and have always wanted to go to a Premier League game. Summer travel makes this difficult but being around for school provides the perfect opportunity. The two closest BPL cities to Edinburgh are Newcastle and Liverpool. Newcastle is super close and cheap. I think it would be really cool to pop out for a day or weekend to take in a game. Liverpool is more expensive and further but would make a good weekend trip. Some Beatles, some soccer. All the wonderful in the world.

2) Going to a music festival

I grew up on a steady diet of music magazines. NME was a huge influence on me during high school. During that time I essentially went out and bought whatever they told me was good. I always hated getting the festival issues and felt a world away from this cool thing that British kids got to do but I didn’t. Since then I’ve wanted to go to one of the big festivals. I don’t know if this is something I can actually afford. I think a weekend camping pass is way out of the question. T in the Park is held in Scotland making it the closest of all the festivals. I will think about getting a day pass.

I will also continue saying daily prayers that the Canadian dollar will go up. Please, God(s) of currency allow Canada’s currency to recover and there to be a favorable election result so that my hard earned savings may purchase me more travel and cool experiences rather than tears and angry shouting at the skies.


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