Folk Fest and another action packed weekend

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Not a bad busy. More the type of busy that means you are not at home very much. I’ve been doing enough to keep my memory cards empty and to submit my work on time. Otherwise I’ve been off in the mountains. It’s been fun.

Another busy weekend awaits me. The Calgary Folk Music Festival begins tomorrow. I am a tarpie. The much revered and sometimes hated species that waits in line all day and does the tarp run. I’ve always enjoyed the festival even though it can be exhausting and I seem to get a knee sunburn every year — this time I’m only wearing capris to save myself.

I am looking forward to waiting in line all day on Thursday and Friday and then listening to music rain or shine all weekend. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time to type things up or edit photos. That’s the downside of all this. As lame as it feels to be at home I always have a lot of stuff that needs to get done. Being at home is productive. Next week I’ll take a couple of days to post some stuff and get back on track with some of my projects.

Folk Fest also marks the beginning of the end. The days will be getting shorter and August will be upon us. July is almost over. Every year Folk Fest means that fall is on the way. A new school year, potentially my last, will be starting. It is no longer the hazy days of summer but a time to figure out exactly what you want to get done with the last of this wonderful season. I’ll be in another country shortly.

Tomorrow in line I’m planning on reading and working on a blog post about my years as a tarpie. It feels like we have our own strange little culture that anthropologists should study (U of C anthro majors take note). I’ll also be posting photos over at RMK Photography. I’m just going as a regular old overzealous tarpie, not a photographer, but I’ll probably be bringing my 18–200 with me so who knows what I might be able to get a good photo of. It’s a bit heavy but it seems worth it. We’ll see if I change my mind before the weekend.


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