Quotes of the week

“When it comes to major event organization, Canada has delivered modest, low-risk and relatively low-cost events and this is seen with both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the upcoming Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.”

Canada to bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup

‘”Crows. Family Corridae. Collective noun,’ in tone Mr. Croup, relishing the sound of the word, ‘a murder.'”

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

“Jeez, King. So I… exaggerate a bit. The question is, does it make a good story?”


“Because now it is so much easier point out that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s increasingly bizarre and petty attempts at message discipline have gone beyond all sense and reason.”

Jen Gerson: Stephen Harper’s game of dodge-the-press shows he’s a shabby mascot of conservative values

“The Calgary Herald’s James Wood points out that it’s been years since Harper bothered to sit down with even the Calgary Herald — the Herald! Hardly the bastion of leftist activism and Trudeau worship. Our Prime Minister can’t be bothered to fight for the votes of his own constituents.

Is there no one else who wishes Harper would try to defend the principles of conservatism and his government by, I don’t know, actually standing in front of people and defending the principles of conservatism and his government? Was the Calgary press corps really too formidable for the leader of a G7 nation? If hiding, dodging, and engaging in petty power struggles over iPhones is the best Stephen Harper has to offer, then he has become a shabby mascot of Conservative values.”

Jen Gerson: Stephen Harper’s game of dodge-the-press shows he’s a shabby mascot of conservative values

“Tattoos are interesting — marks we put on our bodies that are important to us.”

Have you seen anyone with a semicolon tattoo? Here’s what it’s about.

“He urged the chiefs to persuade their communities to vote for the candidate – Liberal or New Democrat – with the best chance of defeating a Conservative.”

Chiefs urge aboriginal people to vote against Harper government

“In an environment populated with conifers, or snakes, or leaf-eating bats, it is practical to know a good deal about conifers, snakes, or leaf-eating bats, whether or not what one knows is in any strict sense materially useful.”

The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin

“When our early human ancestors left the cover of living in trees and ventured out onto the open savanna in search of new sources of food, they made themselves more vulnerable to predators and routine nuisances like rats and snakes. Those who were interested in acquiring knowledge — whose brains enjoyed learning new things — would have been at an advantage for survival, and so this love of learning would eventually become encoded in their genes through natural selection.

The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin

“All of it happens. All of it’s real. And it’s all part of the story you wanted me to tell you. Don’t you remember?”

Promethea Vol. 5 by Alan Moore

“I don’t want to talk about why the thing ended. Let’s just say I felt like I’d been lied to, and she thought I was being ridiculous, and maybe we were both right and we were both wrong.”



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