Songza stories: Sunshine Indie Pop

It’s been hot outside lately. Apparently Western Canada is being subjected to a punishing heat wave.

I don’t feel like leaving the house. I can’t say I’m really a summer person. I like the idea of it. The months of summer. No school. T-shirt and shorts weather for all eternity. Sitting out on hills at 11:00 pm when it’s still not quite dark. Excessive consumption of ice cream.

These days it’s just hot.

My mother has imposed a strict system of closed windows and blinds I fail to embrace. I keep my window open and defy her scheme.

No matter what I do it will be hotter in my room than it is outside. The top floor is an uninhabitable zone for most of the day. Last night while I read in bed I could feel beds of sweat forming on my legs.

I decided to flee the house.

A clever sign reads, “Drop it like it’s hott.”

I go to Starbucks for the AC and an iced vanilla latte.

The baristas are friendly and seem young. They only have big straws so I ask for a normal sized one.

There’s a woman muttering to herself in one of the comfy chairs. She has headphones in her hands and fidgets with them.

The guy next to me has a chunky out of date laptop. He looks like a guy I used to work with but older.

He has a calculator out. It has colourful buttons. He also has work out. Mostly he’s texting.

There are two guys of Asian heritage hanging out at a table. They are young. I guess in their early 20s.

They speak half in English, half in something else.

One is buff to the point of looking bulky. He reminds me of an old friend who wanted to ask me out but never worked up the courage. I would’ve said no. Bulky guys aren’t my type.

The other wears a tank top, backwards baseball cap and board shorts. He dresses like a surfer and occasionally writes on a notebook lying between them.

A couple of old friends (visibly in age, presumably in length) play cards.

Near the far wall a couple sits with a woman who seems like a real estate agent. I think they’re closing a deal on a house or a condo. The guy in the couple looks happy and smiles freely. He has tired eyes.

Ingrid Michaelson and Vance Joy flow through my headphones encouraging me to enjoy the sunshine.


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