Some thoughts that have happened over the last ten minutes or so

I’ve had some prize thoughts over the last ten minutes or so. They are as follows:

  1. It is really great when you figure out how to do something on Photoshop. I finally caved and got the cloud version because Elements can’t do so many things. The downside is that there are things I know how to do in Elements that I now have to relearn. Like clipping masks. Today instead of going back to elements I was like no you’ll figure this shit out. And I did. It was magic.
    I use clipping masks to do my Society6 t-shirts so it’s a valuable thing.
  2. Chet Faker is magic. He has a jamming last name. And the beard on that man. There is a dating app specifically for dudes with beards and dudettes and dudes seeking dudes with beards. The Internet is magic.
    Then there’s this cover of No Diggity, which is my karaoke song. Or at least it’s a song that I think would be fun to do at karaoke if I spent less time sitting at home editing photos and blogging. I can picture it in my head.
    There’s one in Calgary that’s near a couple of bike lanes. The Backstreet Boys songs get old.
  3. Isn’t Mark Ronson’s life fantastic. He just sits there in the background with perfect hair and retro stylings while bobbing his head. He has the perfect man behind the scenes act and is a wizard with the trumpet.

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