It seems like everything I do involves the Internet. Every job I’ve ever had more or less involved me putting my stuff online. I blogged. I social mediaed. I content created.

These days all my writing, art and photography goes up online. The photography is a horribly tedious process where I sort through everything and then put it in five different places. Many files are created, saved and moved about. It take a long time. I do it because I know I need to. This is how I share these things and put them out there.

The past couple of days the Internet has been dead. I can’t load Society6. I’m not on WordPress. I’m not uploading anything anywhere except Instagram.

It’s like the universe is telling me to check out and go analog. Read a book. Go outside.

I like that photography gets me out of the house. Writing and drawing happen at my desk. I feel productive and useful when I stay at home. I get a lot done.

Despite it being oppressively hot I’ve been getting out. What else is there to do? I’ve been walking.

When I was in Vancouver somebody who grew up there remarked to me that they never feel the need to explore because they’ve seen it all. Mainstreet isn’t new and exciting. It’s just there. Downtown Calgary is mostly the same as it was when I started wandering it in ninth grade. A few more buildings have appeared.

I need a reason to rediscover the streets. To walk them and feel at home in them, letting the familiarity wrap around me. It’s a nice, weird break.

The Internet people will be coming in a week. The heat wave continues until then.


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