Gird your cowboy hats

I have been invited to the Stampede with friends this afternoon/evening. It is a general July birthday mishmash event. We were given the choice of rafting or the Stampede and the Stampede won.

I was a terrible writer yesterday and got almost nothing done. I was thinking of bailing and being like ah man gotta write stuff. Instead I stayed up late and got enough done that it is manageable. I should be writing stuff now but instead I am here blogging. This is the route of my problem.

I am trying to psych myself up for the Stampede. As much as I want to bail I am one of those people who does things because I said I would regardless of whether the desire to actually do them is there. I don’t really feel like going to the Stampede because shockingly this crowd hating introvert who is uncomfortable in weather above 25c is not actually a fan of most of the things that the Stampede entails. I am don’t love the binge drinking in smelly tents lifestyle. I am terrified of any ride that involves speed or heights.

Sometimes I’m disappointed that nobody ever invites me to join them at the Stampede. Then again I am probably the last person I would invite to the Stampede. I am girding my cowboy hat (which I was given by some Corona employees in a beer tent if you were thinking I never do anything exciting) because ultimately once I get out there I will enjoy myself. I have sunscreen and a boundless enthusiasm for the word howdy. I like these people and you should say yes to things.

I guess my biggest issues with Stampede are the heat and the crowds. I always tell myself I’ll go and take pictures then feel awkward there. I feel totally at ease wandering the alleyways of downtown Calgary but feel uncomfortable taking pictures along Stephen Ave.

I come from a family of stubborn and opinionated people. Shocking right? My father recently remarked that while I do have my opinions and I will stand by most of them to the end of the earth I am actually quite open to suggestion. My decision to move to Vancouver was largely the result of two things close friends said to me. It did not start with me. He also said that there is usually a delay between whatever is said to me and my actually listening to the suggestion. At first I will ignore it or get uncomfortable or annoyed. Then I will ponder it and decide whether it has merit. If it does I will work it into the way I see things.

I got in to music this way. My sister is two years older than me. She saved me the effort of having to learn about music on my own. She would take me down to our old computer and play me something. The Strokes or the Clash. Something trendy or something classic. I would always say this is terrible or make a skeptical face. Then I would go back later and listen to it again.

To finish, because I can, a bluegrass cover of the Shins.


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