Thoughts on the area

I am at Weeds not even pretending to do my job. I am doing many things and checking off my to do list but have yet to even write down my assignment list for the week.

Being out of the house makes me want to blog and doing things. And the Internet works here. The guy from our Internet company is coming today and things should improve and more stuff should go up.

Maybe I should get out of the house more. While I was in Vancouver I trained myself to be able to do work in my room. I forced myself to do it because it gets expensive to leave every time I need to write or get work done. Still it’s nice to leave and be somewhere difference with a nice iced coffee and the random decor Weeds has on offer.

Near the front door is a suggestion box and some sticky notes. It is asking for suggestions of ways this area can be improved going forward. I took a heap of sticky notes and started scrawling things down. I have many thoughts on how the area around 20th, 24th and 19th can be improved. Even though I live a few blocks away I still consider this my hood. Here are some of those thoughts, which some city employee will get to write down and bask in my overzealousness.

  • More street trees
  • More trees on and around school properties
  • Separated bike lanes on 20th, 24th and 19th. As cycling grows in Calgary these streets would be great connectors in the area, to the university and to the rest of the city’s cycling network. Putting in bike lanes would make them more pedestrian friendly too.
  • Rezoning of the areas along 20th, 24th and 19th for ground floor retail with offices, townhouses, condos or apartments above. This would be similar to what has happened along the main street in Bridgeland. There is already a base of retail here, which is what brings me to Weeds in the first place. This would be the perfect way to densify and diversify uses in the neighbourhood. Building new single family homes on busy roads is a waste of potential.
  • Change zoning to make it easier to build townhouses and row houses in the area. Duplexes and becoming more and more common here but the city should encourage row houses and townhouses. I’ve lived in a row house and loved it. These are the happy medium between single family homes and shoe box condos.

Some of these ideas are out there and will never work, at least not until all the baby boomers die off and it’s just millennials around. I know my mother is freaking out and thinking this will ruin the neighbourhood. I would like to point out that change in communities is inevitable. It is the only thing we can be sure of. What we should do is guide that change and shape it to make our communities a better place to live. Our main roads are the place to add density and diversity. Some of the best things about this community are the places along these main roads, the brief bits that are exception to monotonous former suburban the residential. Places like Jimmy’s, Weeds and Edelweiss.


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