Back on the bike

I haven’t ridden my bike since I started to get sick back in Vancouver. Being back in Calgary has made me reluctant to get back at it. I feel far from the stuff I want to ride to. I’m not as close as I was in Vancouver. There’s this big hill I have to ride down to get anywhere. The bus is easy.

It’s easy to make excuses and not go out riding. Too easy.

It was nice to be back on the bike. The lanes on 10th aren’t as great as they could be but they’re still nice. I walked my bike down that hill because it always makes me feel out of control. No buses were encountered so life was good. That’s one upside of the infrequency of service on that route.

I biked over to Ramsay, a familiar route I used to take to work.

On the way I noticed that my tires were not feeling very good. It turned out they had almost no air in them. Luckily the friend I was meeting works as a bike mechanic and had a pump in his car. I grinned when he said yes. One should befriend as many bike mechanics as possible. They are better prepared than you are. And they can fix things.

And they’re often nice.

Then I rode off to downtown for my first taste of the new cycle tracks. I started on 7th, which is old but still the only connector to the rest of the network thanks to Sean Chu and Chinatown’s efforts to crush the full network. I would really have loved to cut across sooner instead of backtracking but there’s really nothing on that side of the city still. It also would’ve been hard to cut across from there without taking Stephen Ave, which I have no plans to ride on. We should either run a lane on 9th Ave or not bother with it. Pedestrianized streets should be for pedestrians and nothing faster.

Then I turned on to 8th Ave where they have those beautiful lanes on either side. They’re my favourite in the project and were fun to use. Super simple and I felt really safe. I should hang out in the Beltline more so I have a reason to use the rest of the network.

And I should ride more. I feel lazy and inactive these days. Today I did at least an hour of cardio if not more just going from place to place. That’s what I really love about riding. You get to be active and in tune with your surroundings. Nothing else is quite like it.


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