I’m watching the BBC and they’re doing something that I never see on Canadian tv. They’re interviewing people in a language other than English and letting you hear them talk. They have subtitles so you can still understand what is happening if you only speak English but you get to hear the actual voices.

This is especially annoying in Canada because they always dub over politicians when they speak in French. I speak French and can understand them. I wish that they would use subtitles. We are hypothetically a bilingual country. The producers should assume that a certain number of people will be able to understand what is being said. Or if they can’t then they’ll hear a different language and set of sounds for a little bit.


One thought on “Subtitles

  1. klaas89 says:

    This is something that bothers me, too, as someone who also speaks and understands French.
    Sometimes they have official dubbers who translate clumsily and on the fly and sometimes they have a prepared statement they can read out along with the French-speaking politician.
    Either way, getting good subtitles would be a better thing for everyone.


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