Rain, rain

I’ve always loved the rain. As a kid it was a rare treat that made my day. Inside it makes you feel cozy and snug. Outside you get to be near water even if it means getting a little wet.

It doesn’t rain a lot in Calgary. June is usually the month of rain where the streams and rivers swell and there is a downpour every other day. After months of snow I always looked forward to the spring rains. They made me feel optimistic and happy. Rain still makes me feel that way.

Even after living in Copenhagen and Vancouver I don’t mind the rain. I am good at dressing for it and have started buying things based on how water resistant they are — hiking pants are great for the winter. I don’t love all rain. The type that comes at you sideways and makes you feel like you’re being assaulted I can do without.

Rainy weather is also getting stuff done weather. It’s not going out weather. There is no sun so you can hunker down and do all that work you were meaning to get around to.

It was really hot when I first got back and I was not impressed. My room becomes a sauna during the day in the summer and I hadn’t been expecting that for another month. I wanted rain. Today it’s raining and I couldn’t be happier.


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