Now that I have started drawing again I have also started wandering around art stores again. There’s really nothing I need from an art store at the moment but they’re nice to look around. The other thing is that I am down to my last sketchbook so soon (hopefully sooner rather than later) I will need to buy another sketchbook.

For most people this isn’t a weird thing to do and it doesn’t involve lots of thought, nerves and browsing but sadly I am not one of those people. I have only ever drawn in one brand of sketchbook. That’s it. All of mine are line up in a neat row on my bookshelf, they are all the same size and I bought them all from the same place over the course of a couple of years. I had a stock left over from my sketching years in junior high but I’m on the last one.

I like the size of them. Just enough room to do one drawing but not enough for two or something intimidatingly large. I also like that they have a coil spine so I can flip the back around. The cover is plain black and over the years I’ve covered them in stickers. Some of the choices are more regrettable than others.

I suppose that soon I will have to make some choices. I am thinking of either getting a Moleskin sketchbook or something as close as possible to the old model.


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