Best sentences I read this week: Vol. 7

“Even that most basic obligation of prime ministers, to secure and maintain the confidence of the House, has been stretched to the breaking point of late, recent holders of the office having clung to power for days after losing a confidence vote, or prorogued Parliament rather than face a vote that was certain to end badly.”

REPAIRING THE HOUSE: How to make Members of Parliament relevant again by Andrew Coyne

“President Bill Clinton said that Republicans were holding the country hostage; Republicans excoriated Clinton for playing golf.”

Take a trip back in time to the 1995 shutdown. Trust us — it will help. by Dan Zak

“This blurred process of change is known to urban dwellers across America, especially to those who move to Brooklyn, many of whom play a role in the process, tacitly or actively.”

THE INS AND THE OUTS by Vinnie Rotondaro and Maura Ewing

“In her teens, Elysia Turner competed in dressage, and would jump over hurdles on horseback. Driving, however, causes her such anxiety that she has recurring nightmares of having to drive a family member or loved one to the emergency room.”

Why The Kids Don’t Drive by OMAR MOUALLEM

“I am no more an avid cyclist than I am an avid walker or avid eater. I am someone who often uses a bicycle, simply because it is the most civilized, efficient, enjoyable, and economical way to get around my city.”



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