The best sentences I read this week: vol. 5

“E is for Eggs Benedict, which you will splurge on financially and calorie-wise this weekend.”

A Is For Alcohol, A 20-Something Alphabet by CHRISSY STOCKTON

“I mean, really, at this point your guess is as good as mine.”

28 Things Only Russian Majors Understand by kirstenb4

“Everyone will either become a vegetarian, take a break from being a vegetarian, date a vegetarian, and/or attempt to come up with a convoluted philosophical argument against vegetarianism while in college. You may as well get a head start to figure out which camp(s) you’ll fall into.”

I’m a Freshman. What’s the One Book I Must Read? by Slate

“They were fine company—tanned and shy and burning with tactics but amenable to blueberry muffins and our exuberant fox terrier. They were also readers, it turned out.”

E. B. White, The Art of the Essay No. 1 Interviewed by George Plimpton and Frank H. Crowther

“Morse is a middle-aged man with gray hair who looks like the prototypical Beltway wonk: rumpled, self-effacing, mildly preppy and sensibly shoed.”

THE ORDER OF THINGS by Malcolm Gladwell


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