642 Things to Write About: Your favourite film

The first time I watched it we were on a bus and I was not the least bit interested. Events that preceded the film were a little bit distracting.

We boarded the bus in the early morning and I fortuitously draped a blanket over myself. One down and across from me a certain individual whose name will not be divulged sat. There were no signs that she had been out quite late with her brother and had gotten quite drunk.

I was awakened a short time later by a splatter of hot liquid. Stomach acid and presumably alcohol now covered the blanket, which shielded me from worse damage. The individual in question had succumbed to her mounting hangover and I just happened to get caught in the crossfire.

We did our best to clean it up but the smell lingered in the enclosed space. The rest of the trip I felt somewhat quesy as I tried to pretend that I was not angry and to fall back asleep.


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