The best sentences I read this week: vol. 1

“How to mourn the stories that have been forever silenced, stories that now flow with the river that cuts through this land of which they speak? It is this loss that impoverishes us the most, makes us forgetful where we can least afford to be so.”

Water Black With Ink by Bryan Szabo

“I’ve reviewed my journals, made a list of the most attractive qualities of potential soul mates past (setting aside their less desirable traits—e.g., substance addiction, monomaniacal narcissism, commitment phobia), and distilled it into archetypes of the charming men I hope to meet, if fate wills it, somewhere in the New York City public transit system.”

Come Sit by Me by Elyse Moody

“A spokesman for the 1930’s was unavailable for comment.”

Narnia residents delighted as immigrant loophole through wardrobe is finally closed by Montgomery Birts


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