That’s one thing we’ve got

We went to the Safeway at about 9:15 p.m. Our original plan was to go in, buy ice cream and leave. Disney movies awaited at home. We planned to pass around the containers and eat from them freely with spoons — or forks for those of us to lazy to wash spoons. No concerns about communicable diseases here. Inevitably distractions arose. My one friend realized that she should pick up some groceries and wanted to take advantage of us having a car. I leaped at the chance to buy pudding — if we are going to indulge we have to invite pudding.

Then there was selecting a type of ice cream. My one friend was lactose intolerant so ice cream was out for her and she wanted lemon sorbet. I did not. In the end we decided to buy a tub of ice cream for those of us who can eat it. Later in the evening I repeatedly slapped my friend’s hand away as she tempted fate with spoonfuls of ice cream.

Then we got to the checkout and had one of those beautiful moments in life where a chance encounter lines up perfectly. The guy in line in front of us was purchasing two chocolate bars and a jar of jet puffed marshmallow goo. I whispered, “We need to invite him. He will fit in perfectly,” to my friends. Then he asked us if we could hold his spot in line while he went to grab another item. Of course we said yes. Then he returned with a tub of Haagen Dazs. If this was a club he surely knew the password and met all the criteria for joining. I not so subtlety delighted at his additional purchase and there may have been loud giggles.


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