Flourescent lipstick

Nicki Minaj. Ugg. I do not like her.

There is an ad for the new season of American Idol and she is winking in stop motion. Ugg. Why is she winking like that? Why is she on American Idol? Why do people like the sound of her voice? Why did they kick of Britney Spears for not acting too crazy?

She looks crazy, and not the good kind of crazy. She is quirky and not the Natalie Portman as Sam in Garden State. The move away from that person on the bus kind or the roll your eyes when the crazy kid puts her hand up in class kind.

Perhaps it is the voice. I don’t like it. It just doesn’t come off as respectable. I get that she has an accent and all but it sounds so whiny. Second there is the look. She is so shiny and neon, give me a break. Third is the moment that I realized that she didn’t even write Super Bass she just managed to snag a good song writer. That song will forever be by Karmin (and no it’s not just because I am moderately in love with Nick) because they don’t annoy me and I actually respect them as musicians. And they’re not exceedingly shiny (not the good kind of shiny). Seriously who picked out that lipstick? Do the former make up artists from the Drew Carey Show have nothing better to do with their time?

Perhaps my hatred of Nicki Minaj is merely irrational and based on tiny annoyances that just piled up. Or maybe I’ve seen the music video for Stupid Hoe.


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