Check your email

I keep telling myself, “Check your email. Come on check your email.” But I don’t feel like it. Perhaps I just feel like avoiding the world today — the same goes for Facebook too. If I am waiting for news and I don’t check my emails then I don’t have to deal with it. It will still be there for hanging out when I am ready for it. I can avoid all day if I want to. Unpleasant news I am not up for dealing with, best solution is to just not check my email. If I’m not on my email then I don’t have to share it with anyone. Whether or not I am responding to email is probably a very accurate barometer of how I am feeling.

This has got me thinking that I need to stop doing this. As much fun as it is to imagine my life as a movie/sitcom in which I have a witty conversation about how I am just not up for email today it really doesn’t solve anything. Whatever news or response I am avoiding dealing with will either be there or not regardless of whether I know about it and it would probably be better if I just dealt with it. Also, newsletters really pile up if I don’t stay on top of them. Getting through the procrastination is the hard part really. Once I finally log onto Facebook it is all good. It is a lot like getting out of bed in the morning. You just have to accept that as cozy and warm as sitting at home napping and reading a book would be productive things must be accomplished. Emails must be checked.


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