You’ve got mail

Every time I open my computer I reflexively log into my respective accounts, I think a lot of people do this to. That means I log into my email about five or six times a day — depending on the day of course. Our emails are home to so much information about our lives, containing everything from correspondence with family, friends and employers, to course information.

I had never put much thought into how essential my email address is to me until I lost access to my primary Gmail account. The verification and password renewal process was infuriatingly slow and inefficient. I eventually got access back but being without email while moving and starting classes proved to be extremely inconvenient. There was so many things in my email that I had never thought about needing before that suddenly were off limits. I couldn’t find the email addresses of friends. I couldn’t search previous emails. I failed to receive a link to renew my library books. I missed an email with information about a scholarship. Then there are the more mundane inconveniences: I missed out on the various newsletters I subscribe to, a discount offer from an online store I like, and had a hideous number of unread messages.

The Internet is so much a part of our lives and our emails are at the forefront of this. My Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts are all tied to my Gmail in various ways. If I had lost my email account forever then it would have meant starting over in a lot of ways and losing a lot of what I have built up online. It is weird to think that this issue moves beyond being an inconvenience to something far more sinister.


2 thoughts on “You’ve got mail

  1. Wildcat & Sundevil Unite says:

    I totally agree with you. Email has now become an essential part of our lives. It’s like oxygen to us, h2o to the fish, rays of sun to the plants, you get it! Another thing that I thought of, while reading your post, was the importance of phones. Before I stared college I college I got myself my first cellphone ever. Now I realize how important having a cellphone is (when you’re older). You need it for everything, just like you do an email.

    Well I just wanted to say that. Thank you for your thought provoking post!


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