How I learned to stop complaining and love Tim Hortons

So it is the first Friday of the summer. A very good day in an of itself and then it happened. Three boxes of donuts, Timbits and a dozen bagels appeared in the staff kitchen. It seems Fridays are donut day. What a lovely idea.

Now the thing about these donuts and bagels is that they were not just any donuts and bagels, they were from Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian coffee institution with two major downsides: ridiculously long line ups and appalling bad drip coffee.

Yes, whether you are prepared to admit it or not the drip coffee at Tim Hortons is awful. Those beans regret being selected for that purpose. There is a reason that double doubles are so common: you need a lot of sugar and cream to make that coffee consumable.

Now that sounds like complaining and I haven’t even gotten to the lines yet.

However, there is an upside. Tim Hortons is extremely affordable. One might go so far as to say ridiculously cheap. You can get a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee for less than the cost of a latte at Starbukcs. Now that is the power of Tim Hortons. If your coworkers invite you for a Starbucks run and you haven’t found a twenty on the sidewalk recently you always say yes with a little bit of financial trepidation. If your friends invite you on a Tim Hortons run you know you can get something without thinking twice about it.

Their baked goods are delicious. The donuts may be terrible for you but for the most part they are delicious. They are the perfect Friday pick me up.

Their breakfast sandwiches are excellent — so long as you don’t order the sausage which is quite suspect. Their muffins are delicious and about $1.15.

Their iced coffee is delicious, though a little sugary, it is at a price that can’t be beat.

So if you can face the lineups, which the worst one was about half an hour long, then you get your moneys worth.


3 thoughts on “How I learned to stop complaining and love Tim Hortons

  1. anorwen says:

    I didn’t realize the value of Tim Hortons until I moved from Canada. In the US, for example, it’s much more difficult to get cheap coffee on the road. Mostly you have to get the gas station coffee, which is just awful (even compared to Timmy’s!)


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