Brighten up: The new Gap ads smize

The new Gap be bright ads doing everything America’s Next Top Model taught models should do. They should show off the clothes but also sell the idea that when are wearing these clothes you will be a better cooler you. They feature musicians and a dancer wearing Gap clothes playing music. They seem cool, artistic and about a hundred other things you want to be. For all you know it is a performance video of a really cool act doing magnificent, then at the end there is a Gap logo and the slogan be bright, or more accurately wear these clothes be these people. Be you, but more colourful, with better stories. The you in your head that wears stylish clothes and writes songs on that neglected guitar at two in the morning. They wear the clothes but they also sell the idea of the clothes. They are not pushing a brand or a product, they are pushing creative stylish people and you too can be one of them. Now that is some quality smizing.


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