Mr. Messy

There is a space of a metre and a half from the door of my room to my bed. In order to make it this distance one must conquer several obstacles in a daring climb that occasionally requires individuals to be accompanied by a sherpa.

On my floor, scattered carelessly in no particular order are the following items:

  • Five books, to be dropped off at the book exchange at the only good coffee shop open after 10 p.m.
  • Two books which were taken from the book exchange.
  • Various articles of clothing, predominantly socks and tops.
  • A library book about photography.
  • A damaged pair of polka dot ballet flats that are a half size too big for my feet.
  • Two purses, one large, one small.
  • Two backpacks.
  • A file folder.
  • An empty Nutella jar.
  • A pile of CDs by bands I do not like.
  • Hangers that are on vacation from their regular duties in my closet.
  • Two magazines.
  • Watchmen prequel promotional material.
  • An almost full travel sized bottle of shampoo.
  • Cheap polka dot flip flops.

One thought on “Mr. Messy

  1. Zen says:

    An hour ago my room was just as messy. It looks so different now that I’ve done some moderate cleaning!
    Also… you should most definitely replenish your supply of Nutella.


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