Writing it down

I came home after a long day and found a package waiting for me. My first thought was oh no what did order recently (I have a history of online shopping) and after wracking my brain nothing came to mind. Then I looked a little closer and noticed Field Notes stamp on the box and gleefully opened up my latest subscription shipment.

Field Notes subscriptions mean that you pay up front to get a quarterly shipment of notebooks made using experimental techniques, designs or materials for a year. Not to be outdone by new and wonderful notebooks Field Notes includes little extras like pens, a 2012 calendar and a delightful box for this quarter’s “National Crop” edition complete with poster and badge (of the boy scouts variety).

It is not just little bonuses and great pens (their pens are truly wonderful to write with) that make Field Notes magical. It is the font, the logo, the design, the fact that they have a program where you receive experimental notebooks four times a year — kind of like receiving experimental drugs but better to write things down on — and that it is not enough to just make “National Crop” edition notebooks but they must come in a box with a poster and matching badge.


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