The fairest of the sunglasses

When I was a kid I remember buying sun glasses before summer camp and they were always horrible. They were either the sports kind that one should not wear if they are not on a bicycle or running a marathon. Then there were the kooky ones that are only available in kids sizes, or at Ardene’s. Or there’s the overly feminine would be cool but I’m not on the OC sunglasses. I was never able to wear aviators because they end up being too big on my face. As a result sun glasses never looked quite as cool on me as sun glasses are supposed to make you.

Then a trend came along and rescued me. Last summer, Ray Ban wayfarers blew up and at last I had found the sun glasses for me — or at least a much more affordable knockoff version. And it seems for everyone else in the world. I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t look stylish and cool in wayfarers.These sunglasses regardless of whether you go with a sedate black or brown, or a more outlandish fluorescent colour that is popular among us student types (I have both) they simply look good. I think they have found the ideal geometry and design — especially compared to many of the other sunglasses options out there.


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