Look alive: The dangers of texting and walking

There is nothing more annoying then when you are walking and someone in front of you is walking at a glacial place and swerving around. Ninety-nine per cent of the time this means one thing: They are texting and walking. I will confess I do this too. It is one of my bad habits and one day it will catch up with me.

I do it under the assumption that those around me will be nice and alert and avoid me. The problem is a) they may be thinking the same thing, or worse I will be near traffic or bicycles and it will not end well b) it is extremely annoying if they are paying attention. Every time I get stuck behind someone who is texting and walking I feel like shouting look alive. No one wants to waddle behind you or avoid you as you meander totally unaware of anything outside of the small screen in front of you. Do not be that person. It is easy to avoid. Simply step aside, park yourself next to a wall and get your text on there. It will probably take you just as long to get where you are going but you will be fully alert on your way there.


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