Of debt and taxes

It is often easier to not say things that are awkward but true in life. Politics is a place where this can be especially true. Americans are coming to a place where they will have to dig deep and ask hard questions about the way they are taxed and the way their government spends their money.

The American Congress has recently been battling about the budget and it looks as those the Republicans and Democrats will continue to do battle over finances for the foreseeable future. Obama’s plan seems strong and it is good he is trying to take action. The Republican plan to cut services and limit tax raises is foolish. There is no way enough money can be found that way and a lot of services they wish to cut benefit a large number of Americans and help sustain the American economy.

At the end of the day taxes pay for services. There are a lot of services offered by the American government that are extremely popular, beneficial and necessary. Americans have been enjoying these services without paying for them and it’s starting to catch up with them. Tough questions will have to be asked and priorities will have to be determined.

If Obama can be strong on this issue and show that he is both reasonable and responsible he may find an area to prove himself before the presidential election. If he can come up with a plan that works and get it through he will have an edge over the Republicans.

If Americans are smart and if politicians are bold the next American presidential election will be fought on the deficit, spending and taxation. This will be divisive and difficult but ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.


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